Cardinal Arms On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

Bevan McShea and I met about 13 years ago. Through our mutual peculiarity and similarly-mutual love of music we formed a fast friendship that has become de facto brotherhood of nerdy guys who think they’re cool…

Art On The Hill: featuring Evan Clayton Horback

  ARTIST STATEMENT: Having lived & studied in ashrams in the US & India, meditation, mythology and the pluralism of world culture has forever influenced my perception. My sense of cultural identification has been transformed into…

Kettle Pot Black — As & Ella

Kettle Pot Black – As and Ella from Jason Stewart on Vimeo.

Sarah Donner On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

A little bit ago, there was this gallery space in Kensington that showed cool work and had live music on First Fridays. I was invited to play alongside a name (and the associated person) that was—for…

Art On The Hill: featuring Leigh Cooney

To learn more about Leigh Cooney visit or more directly (the “About Me” section)

Heyward Howkins On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

Though I’d heard from a friend that I should be listening to this Heyward Howkins guy, I didn’t have any personal experience with him until we had a chance to play a little show in Mt…

Art On The Hill: featuring Bevan McShea

Be sure to check out Bevan McShea’s website  Also, look for Bevan’s ‘On the Hill’ session in the near future! “The Guitar Series”  

Douglas Gillin On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

I made the acquaintance of one Mr. Douglas Gillin while participating in a ‘win some studio time’ contest in Manayunk. Through conversation, we realized that we had gone to the same school,