Miles Orion On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

I can’t sort whether it’s super easy or nearly impossible to write about Miles…

I’ve known this guy since he was in third grade, and I’ve never thought anything but the best of him and his family. They are—each and all—talented, intelligent, and caring people. The world is absolutely better for their presence.

That aside, Miles has come into his own as a writer in the past few years. His songs are honest, his lyrics are lovely, and he has found the voice with which I expect he will communicate these to the world. Enjoy!


“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

from Miles -

I am songwriter raised in Philadelphia born into a musical family who never shied away from silliness. I started performing before I can remember, though I do have a vague memory of singing as a three year old at our winter concert and whacking my tooth with a metal spoon while singing about eating polenta. My teeth still cringe at the sight of delicious mashed corn. Ever since I was a young kid(which doesn’t seem to long ago) I’ve been submerged in music. With my dad as a musician and my mom with an amazing taste in music and also a great singing voice I was brought up making up songs and fooling around with several different instruments as well as being a member of the Keystone State Boy Choir.

Once in middle school I began writing love songs to no one, mostly inspired by day dreams. In high school I focused more on playing with the band that I still sometimes play with called Atticus and Ike. We played all around the Philadelphia area until we went our separate ways after graduating but still get together and jam every now and then.

Now I am living and working as a teaching assistant at a residential school for the blind in Watertown, Mass. I have come to believe that as musicians we all hold the power to move the blood within the listener and create whole worlds of stories, emotions, and moments which convey our piece of human history. Lately I have been writing music that is my interpretation of the world I experience and wander in. Over the years I have learned to play the Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Ukelele, Drums, Auxiliary Perc and I sing.

This past summer I had the great privilege to go on tour with the folk band The Breaking Yard. We traveled up the west coast sharing our music.

I have also recorded a short EP in Philadelphia, but am currently recording my newest tunes in my bedroom at the school which I am eager to share.


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