Divers On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

“Mike, I’m in an awesome band called Divers, and I would love you to have us in for an On the Hill. Yeah, that’s how I met this ‘awesome band:’ at the suggestion/request of a very…

Art On the Hill: featuring Shay Allen

Shay Allen is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she studied painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Although her major was painting, she prefers to work in various mixed media. 

Sonya Sofya On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

We met Sonja as an accompanist on our earlier session with Ross Bellenoit; halfway though that I was sure we needed to have her back to do a Sonja Sofya Session. I want to say something…

Art On the Hill: featuring Shawna Martin

  Artist Bio: I studied Painting during my time at Pepperdine University. Thereafter I took nearly five years off and (gasp!) almost went to dental school—maybe it’s my intimate knowledge of facial anatomy that led me…

Miles Thompson On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

Miles Thompson is less a songwriter and more a song craftsman: every smidgen of everything he pens is considered, and each composition is just absolutely whole and complete.

KPT Featured artist Peter Quinn on Larry Kane “Voice of Reason”

Peter’s new project is discussed on CBS news: http://cbsloc.al/10Tk8R6   This is really pretty awesome, guys. Please make an effort to attend or at very least view the project this coming weekend (5.18-19)

Art On the Hill: featuring Peter Quinn

GRAVITY DRAWINGS All events leave record of their existence. The grinding deterioration of time on the physical world leaves marks, evidence of the events that preceded them.  A star may be long since burned out but…

Today @KettlePotTracks

We had the every-lovely Adrien Reju in to start work on a new collection of songs. With Adrien came the multi-talented and super chill Tania Elizabeth Stack. Needless to say, it was a good day. -Mike

Brian McGee On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

I guess I ‘met’ Brian about 18 years ago… We were both a lot younger then; he has aged like George Clooney and I’ve aged like Rob Schneider. He was playing what sounded to me like…

Art On The Hill: featuring Lisa Hurwitz