Divers On The Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

“Mike, I’m in an awesome band called Divers, and I would love you to have us in for an On the Hill.

Yeah, that’s how I met this ‘awesome band:’ at the suggestion/request of a very well respected On the Hill veteran who just happens to play–along with three other fine musicians–in said band. I agreed to the session before I even heard the band, mostly due to Ross’s enthusiasm, and our high opinion of, um, Ross’s high opinion.

I had the great fortune to see the band live the day before their session filmed, and I was blown away. I wrote to a couple people after their set that I think I just saw what would happen if Fugazi and The Pretenders had a baby–a groovy, sexy, rockin’ baby. They certainly didn’t disappoint during their session, and as much as anything, it was apparent that this is not only a great band, but a great group of friends doing something that each and all of them enjoy very much. When fun rocks, I think it’s Divers. Enjoy!!

When/why/how/where did Divers get started? That is to say can you give us a comfortably-abridged bio?

I wanted to start a very basic (drums, bass, guitar)  rock band at the beginning of last year with the goal being simple: to have fun.  To throw out all the worry and neurosis about music business stuff, money/no money, getting people to shows and all that jazz and just focus on the music itself.  I figured the other stuff would happen or not happen organically.  I had been wanting to work with Ross Bellenoit for years so I approached him and then Thomas Bendel who I had worked with in The Weeds first to see if they were into it and they were!  Lucky, lucky me.  Besides being able to play any genre excellently, Ross brings an amazing attention to detail, ability to arrange, produce, collaborate with melodies, harmonies and an inexhaustible enthusiasm for music the likes of which I’ve never seen.  Tom is basically a mad scientist genius drummer, I have no idea where he gets his ideas from but they seems to just pour out of his very interesting brain with various instruments of beat making, there seems to be a lot of kitchen paraphenalia involved… he sometimes lets wind up toys wind along the surface of a snare, stuff like that.  I bring the songs in a very raw form and see what the guys think up around them.  When our first bass player moved away, we were looking around for a perfect fit and we were hoping for Todd Erk but not sure if he’d be available on account of him being in high demand on account of his being a superbly skilled bass player and a super lovely human being to work with… I was thrilled when he responded in the affirmative and voila! Divers became itself!

We have been playing for just over a year and feel we are succeeding in our number one goal: to have fun.
When that is the goal, I think everything else falls into place.
The mantra might be: Abandon bullshit.

Why did you chose these songs for On the Hill?

I don’t remember but probably because we had a good time playing them the show the night before we came to your charming home.

What else is going on in your world? What’s next?

We have enough material for two albums at this point with more coming but we don’t have any recording dates in the books yet.  We will be sure to let you know when those plans are more solidly in the works.

Where can we see and hear more of you?

You can go to our website www.diversband.com to buy some songs and get a free download and go like our facebook page! We have two shows next week, Wednesday June 5th at World Live Cafe Wilmington with Ivan & Alyosha and Thursday June 6th at Johnny Brendas with Swedeland and Levee Drivers.  It’s a mini-tour!

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