Mason Porter On the Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

Mason Porter On the Hill

…love these dudes. What can you say about these fellas? They’re great friends, they write and play excellent songs, and they have fun doing it: what else is there?

We shot MP here in July…it was hot and late in the day: they were the perfect bunch to chill out and enjoy the summery-ness with.

Let this dreary late-autumn day be lightened up just a little by Mason Porter.

Mason Porter On the Hill

When/why/how/where did Mason Porter get started?

MP got it’s start informally just as friends playing songs together at party’s in West Chester in the 00’s. We took it from there and started gigging and writing and recording songs.

Mason Porter On the Hill

Why did you choose these songs for On the Hill?

The cover of “He Was A Friend of Mine” was  just something that found its way in to our set over the summer and we felt fitting for this session. “That’s Alright By Me” allot of airplay this year from SirusXM’s “The Coffee House” so we wanted to do that one. The others are all tunes we play pretty regularly.

Mason Porter On the Hill

What else is going on in your world? What’s next?

We have introduced a ton of new songs to the live show this fall. Will be heading back to the studio again in January. Besides that we will stay busy with shows continue to grow.

Mason Porter On the Hill

Where can we see and hear more of you? is the place for tour dates, etc.. Our next Philly-ish show is at Burlap and Bean on January 24th.

…and enjoy this little bonus video from Mason Porter’s recent performance at Ardmore Music Hall!

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