Kicking Down Doors On the Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

Kicking Down Doors On the Hill Session

Kicking Down Doors is a talented group of the loveliest folks you’ll meet: They make excellent songs, and lots of smiles to go along with them!

As they progressively become Philly-area folk mainstays, I expect many of our followers will become their followers…that’s the point, right?

Enjoy Kicking Down Doors!

Kicking Down Doors On the Hill Session

So… When/why/how/where did Kicking Down Doors get started? That is to say, can you give us a comfortably-abridged bio?

Ernie recorded a demo for Pure Jerry in Feb 2013, a Jerry Garcia Band tribute, in which Autumn was a backup singer and that’s how we initially met. We kept in touch via facebook and Autumn learned more about the Little Spiders community at one of Ernie’s Little Spiders showcases at Steel City in March 2013 which she also reviewed for Tri State Indie. Before meeting Ernie, Autumn had previously written a Tri State Indie album review for another one of Ernie’s recording projects–an album called “Wake” with the band Hogmaw released in May 2012. We later connected for a practice session in late-May 2013 to sing some harmonies and ended up writing a song together–The End of the Line. Within a week of writing that song, we performed it at Kempton Fairgrounds for the Spring Blossom bluegrass festival in early-June 2013. We continued to meet weekly, writing new songs at each meeting. By the time Philly Folk Fest came around in Aug 2013, we had written enough material to perform around various campsites and the Front Porch open mic at Folk Fest. It was there we discovered the demand for more of our original music and soon after in Sep 2013, we named ourselves Kicking Down Doors–titled after a song we had written earlier that year.

Kicking Down Doors On the Hill Session

Why did you choose these songs for On the Hill?

We chose a selection of material that we enjoyed performing at our live shows and that we also knew was well received by our door-kicking fans. One of the songs, In the Way, we submitted to the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

Kicking Down Doors On the Hill Session

What else is going on in your world? What’s next?

NOW is next. We just recorded a new LP “NOW” with the help of Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 which will be available in hardcopy CD format at our live shows starting on May 16th at the River Roots Festival at Snipes Farm. The official digital release of “NOW” is set for Fri, Jul 10th. We’re also recording “The Washing” an EP of 5 songs–4 original and 1 cover–which will be available at some point later in the year as well. Additionally, we are continuing to write and experiment with an open source approach to making music and performing live, connecting with the local musicians and other artistic professionals in and around the Philadelphia area.

Kicking Down Doors On the Hill Session

Where can we see and hear more of you?

May 16th: River Roots Festival at Snipes Farm

May 23: Wyebrook Farm Concert Series

May 28: The 2-year anniversary of End of the Line

May 30: End of the Line anniversary show at BRV Yoga in Phoenixville

July 12: Cheltenham Concert Series

Aug 8: Little Spiders Studio Showcase at the Mermaid Inn

And of course, on, @kickingdoors on twitter, our Kicking Down Doors page on facebook and various other online channels. If you join our mailing list, you’ll get free songs before we release them to the public.

Kicking Down Doors On the Hill Session

Kicking Down Doors — Stations in Between from Michael Batchelor on Vimeo.

For more sweet photos from the session:

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