Sleepy Kitty On the Hill Session

Sleepy Kitty On the Hill II

We met Sleepy Kitty a couple years ago when they were passing through Philly on tour. Their publicist reached out to us about hosting them, and after we’d seen and heard a little bit of their stuff, we couldn’t wait to say yes. So… …we met them in person, shot our first session in mid-2013(ish), and really REALLY liked the duo as musicians, artists (they make really cool art, have a look:, and as humans. When they were again passing through in Summer 2015, we hooked up for this super cool session. It was so very nice to have the pair of them back in our home, and we’re looking forward to our next chance to hang with Evan and Paige. Enjoy Sleepy Kitty, partie deux.

Sleepy Kitty On the Hill II

So… When/why/how/where did Sleepy Kitty get started? That is to say, can you give us a comfortably-abridged bio?

We got started in Chicago when I was in art school and playing in a band called Stiletto Attack, and Evan was playing in the band Bound Stems. We started playing together just for fun, and it was basically a weirdo side project made of radiator hiss, parakeet recordings, and distorted vocals. It became our main project as the other bands broke up. We played our first show in 2009 and since then, have been on a number of tours, released two albums, an EP, and three 7″s, and this year we just wrote the music for a musical for the first time.

Sleepy Kitty On the Hill II

Why did you choose these songs for On the Hill?

This is some of our newest music that we’re most excited about. “Bigger Picture” is our freshest song. “Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas” is our most recent release – a cover of a Brigitte Bardot song that we released on Record Store Day – and “Two Voices” is from the play I mentioned. It was a stage version of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” We wrote 12 new songs for it, using mostly the text from the poetry. This was one of my favorites from the show, sung by two actors portraying angels in the stage version. To me it’s also the most “rock” song in the show too. I was thinking a lot about the Velvet Underground while working on it – like “Venus in Furs” and “Black Angel’s Death Song,” even though the end result is very different. Sleepy Kitty On the Hill II

What else is going on in your world? What’s next?

We just played a very grassroots fundraiser show for Bernie Sanders. It was a fantastic and crowded night, and all the money from the show is going to his presidential campaign. We’re very excited and optimistic about that. The plan right now is to start working on the next Sleepy Kitty record, and then we’ll be on tour in the East with Ezra Furman & His Boyfriends in March and April.

Sleepy Kitty On the Hill II

Where can we see and hear more of you?

We’re at, instagram: @sleepykittymusic, and on, and you can get physical copies of our vinyl and CDs at


For more of Nicole’s beautiful session photos, click here.




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