Dirty Dollhouse On the Hill Session at Kettle Pot Tracks

Dirty Dollhouse On the HIll Session

We love these sweet ladies. Their songs are intelligent in their lyrics and arrangements, and those voices—oh my! Dirty Dollhouse joined us for a beautiful, sunny winter’s day in February: we were all perfectly warm and happy! Enjoy Chelsea, Vanessa, and Amber as Dirty Dollhouse: we sure do.  

Dirty Dollhouse On the HIll Session

So… When/why/how/where did Dirty Dollhouse get started? That is to say, can you give us a comfortably-abridged bio?

Basically, I wrote a three-part harmony song called “Nobody’s Daughter” in the spring of 2012 and I recruited the 2 best singers I know, Amber Twait and Vanessa Winters, to record it with me. I came up with an alliterative name for the group and the rest is history!

Dirty Dollhouse On the HIll Session

Why did you choose these songs for On the Hill?

I’m not really sure. They just seemed right in the moment, I suppose! I usually don’t make set lists for any performance until the last minute. You can’t really know what will work until you’re in the space, taking it all in.

Dirty Dollhouse On the HIll Session

What else is going on in your world? What’s next?

Dirty Dollhouse has a full-length album coming out this fall. We’ve been working with Brian Strouse (of The Lawsuits) for a few months and asking our favorite Philly musicians to contribute: August John Lutz II, John Hildenbrand, Keaton Thandi, Brad Hinton, etc. It’s called Vinyl Child, and you can interpret the name however you please. Other than that? I’ve worked at the same record store for almost 11 years now. It’s been really fun watching the vinyl resurgence unfold and seeing people of all ages digging through our crates. There’s a kid who’s probably about 15 years old and he comes in once a week to check out the new arrivals…he usually picks something I had my eye on. I love it.

Dirty Dollhouse On the HIll Session

Where can we see and hear more of you?

I’ll be performing Dirty Dollhouse songs (under the name Chelsea Mitchell) at the Snipes Farm River Roots Festival on May 14th with Brad Hinton and Joshua Machiz. If you can’t be there, please visit facebook.com/dirtydollhousemusic and dirtydollhouse.bandcamp.com and look out for a single from Vinyl Child very soon!


Dirty Dollhouse — AnnaLee from Michael Batchelor on Vimeo.

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